“My father died in 2001 while my mother died in 2004. I have six other siblings. After the death of my mother, some of my siblings went to live with relatives and family friends. My elder sister has been living with a family for many years. This family introduced me to the school and they are paying my fees in Lantana.

I am very grateful to them for sponsoring my education in Lantana. Without this opportunity I would have been a sales girl now or maybe going around the streets of Enugu hawking. I have been able to acquire skills and knowledge in Lantana to enable me to get a job as soon as I finish my studies. My plan is to work for some time to be able to start a pastry shop where I can produce and sell snacks and I will also be able to employ more people as the business grows.

My guardians are happy with Lantana because they have given me a means of livelihood within a short time. I am very happy because I will soon be able to help my other siblings who are still struggling to make ends meet. I will also be able to support myself when I get married and will not have to depend on my husband for all my needs. My education in Lantana has also saved me from being forced to get married very early and that would have meant being dependent on my husband for all my needs.”

“We are seven children in my family and I am the third child. My mother died four years ago and my father is a retired civil servant. With his pension he started the business of selling food stuffs. My four younger siblings are still in secondary school and my elder brother is learning a trade to be able to support everyone in the family.

Initially my father and my Aunt did not like the idea but I managed to convince them that I really want to study catering. They are the ones struggling to sponsor my education in Lantana.

My coming to Lantana has made me see that it is much more than catering. I have learnt different techniques of doing things and I have also acquired skills in the little time I have spent in the school. My father and my aunty have not only been fully convinced but they are seeing changes in the way I carry out my tasks and the things I can now do as a result of my coming to the school. I am happy that I am studying in the school and I hope to be able to start up a business when I finish my studies and be able to support my father and also save up to improve myself further. “

“I am the second child of my parents. My father is now dead and my mother sells fish in the market. She has been the one supporting me and my siblings in school but her trade is no more as profitable as it used to be. She earns about ₦35, 000 (£127) in a month. It has not really been easy for her.

I was introduced to the school by my uncle who is a priest. He is the one sponsoring my education in Lantana. I have acquired lots of professional skills and also acquired some virtues from my stay in the college. I would say that the school has made me what I am today and I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without Lantana.

My mother and uncle are proud of me and they are grateful that a school like Lantana exists. She is looking forward to when I will finish my studies and start working. I will then be able to earn money to support her and the rest of my family.”